APNational Hickory Players Policies


All clubs shall have hickory shafts and heads shall be those in existence prior to    1935. There are certain SoHG approved hickory shafted reproduction clubs allowed see:



Tournament Guide Lines

Please contact the tournament director concerning equipment questions if there are any equipment concerns before competing. The penalty for using inappropriate equipment is disqualification.


  • Membership Policy New hickory players are welcomed to participate in our weekly League Play, Casual Plays and monthly tournaments without being members. However once a player has participated multiple times he or she will be urged to join our association.


  • Handicap Policy All hickory players are encouraged to establish a VHIN or SoHG handicap, to have an acceptable hickory handicap requires the posting of a minimum of five hickory scores. Prior to developing an acceptable hickory handicap, players will be required to play off their current WSGA/USGA index. There is no accurate formula to convert a steel modern handicap to a hickory handicap, so players are urged to post the minimum five hickory scores.


  • Rules Policy  Hickory players follow the same standard USGA, SoHG & Auld Golf Society Rules of Golf.


  • Dress Code Policy There is not a formal dress code requirement although players are STRONGLY encouraged to wear period-type clothing such as newsboy caps, knickers, shirts ties etc. Ladies long dresses bonnets etc. Our focus is to promote and celebrate hickory play as well as look the part.


  • Etiquette Policy All APNational Golf Club events adhere to the best etiquette traditions of the game. The mistreatment of our fellow members, guests, juniors, female players or any ethnic group will not be tolerated. As stewards of the game of golf and the sport of hickory golf the proper treatment of all players must trump all.


  • Electric Distance Measuring Device Policy Are NOT permitted, the use of any electronic distance measuring devices in any APNational Hickory Players events will result in disqualification. The use of such equipment is outside the traditions of hickory golf.


  • Golf Ball Policy League Play and Casual Plays regular golf balls are permitted. However during any APNational Hickory Championship Tournaments regular golf balls are NOT permitted. We require all of our tournament series players to play any assortment of the McIntyre Golf Ball see here: http://www.mcintyregolf.com/

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