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What is National Hickory Golf Day?

A celebration of golf, its history, its people, and the links that connect them.

National Hickory Golf Day explores the fun of golf through club collecting and appraisals, scrambles and tournaments, hickory club demos, show and trade fairs, and maybe even a little history. All ages and all skill levels will find the sport has something for everyone. Find out what golfers across the country are learning every day – that hickory golf is not an odd throwback sport for eccentrics, but a challenging mix of skill, living history, and downright fun. 

Have you ever swung a hickory club? Felt the thrill of a sweet connection on that all too-small sweet spot? It’s infectious. It’s definitely fun and for thousands of golfers the opportunity to play golf with hickory shafted clubs has restored the enjoyment of a game that had become routine. National Hickory Golf Day is a time to explore the clubs, to reacquaint yourself with the thrill of shot making, not just hitting a golf ball. Whether authentic clubs or modern replicas, swinging a hickory club is a connection to golf’s Golden Age. Come, explore the possibilities and remind yourself why you were drawn to the game in the first place.

When is National Hickory Golf Day?

National Hickory Golf Day will be observed Sunday May, 7th  2017

Where is National Hickory Golf Day?

Every hickory play group, golf association, golf facility across the country should host a Hickory Golf Day. Below is a list of participating National Hickory Golf Day locations. Find a location near you.

How to participate in National Hickory Golf Day?

Contact a local regional play group leader near you. If there is no group or facility in your area email to add your course, facility or group to National Hickory Golf Day website.

What if I cannot attend any of the world wide National Hickory Golf Day facilities or events, but still plan to play somewhere else?

No problem! Take a selfie post to social media, happy #NATIONALHICKORYGOLFDAY


Participating Regional Groups, Organizations & Courses


Lionel Freedman & Friends – Scotland, contact

Golf Historical Society of Canada Ontario, contact

  • Tips for Your National Hickory Golf Day
  1. Announce to your hickory players, members that you are hosting a National Hickory Golf Day Activity.
  1. Activity suggestions.
  • Tournament – 18 hole * 9 hole * Scramble * Match Play
  • 100 Hole Hike
  • Club Appraisal
  • Club Repair
  • Tradeshow
  • Skills Challenge
  • Short Game Clinic
  • Demo Day
  • Resources
  • You may want to offer incentives to boost attendance. Such as.
  • Discounted Green Fees (example several WA, courses will be charging $19.15 for hickory players in attire)
  • Discounted Range Balls
  • Free Entry Into Future Events
  • Free Golf Lessons
  • Worthy Charity
  • Door Prize
  • Raffle
  • Free Food
  1. Select a suitable location.
  • May it be a driving range, 9 hole facility or 18 hole facility develop a relation with that course, facility for future outings with their membership and customer base.
    Think comfort, foot traffic, vibrant.
  1. Put the right staff together.
  • Those that are leaders in their passion. May it be the collecting side, repair side, ask a PGA Professional to assist in the swing department. Give recognition to those who turn out and those who teach. Remember that many local news organizations may want to provide news coverage. Put your heads together and reach out to all possible contacts to cover and report on your community National Hickory Golf Day. No outlet is too small, spread the word as much as possible. You never know who you might inspire to participate.
  1. Registration email list.
  • Keep track of your attendees so you can follow up with them after the event and measure your impact.
  1. Social Media & Reporting on National Hickory Golf Day.
  • Send your photos and participating numbers to Please report on new to hickory participants, best dressed, most authentic etc. Make sure to include #NATIONALHICKORYGOLFDAY! Your group name, location and state.
  • Post photos during the day’s activity to your personal or clubs Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat accounts using the # symbol (example) #NATIONALHICKORYGOLFDAY this will allow other participants to easily identify and follow your activities!
  • Proud Supporters & Sponsors